Meeting: Association of Commonwealth Societies of Architects in the Caribbean (ACSAC)

There will be an ASCAC meeting on the 9th and 10th October at the Normandie Hotel in St Ann’s.  The meeting is being attended by Presidents and representatives of regional architectural associations and institutes including Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize, Bahamas, St Lucia, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Guyana.

A number of issues affecting architectural practice will be discussed including the following:

  • professional practice – fees, conditions of engagement, registration
  • caribbean single market economy – reciprocity, mutual recognition agreements
  • institutional strengthening – single regional professional practice examination
  • continuing professional development
  • education – caribbean school of architecture, university of guyana
  • acsac – organisation and management

If any TTIA members are interested in learning about, participating in or assisting in ACSAC activities or would simply like to observe and attend they are most welcome to.
Please contact ACSAC Chairman, Mark Raymond  <> if you are interested.


Government Tax Incentives in Favour of Climate Change Mitigation

Amongst the many things that one can do to mitigate climate change, some of these are in the hands of our CSME governments. And of CSME government actions, tax incentives should be relatively easy to implement and should work very well for all CSME players.

Tax incentives, already adopted by many states in the U. S. (interestingly, prior to the formal IPCC reports this year, the U. S. counted as one of the most climate-change-fact-resistant countries world wide), illustrates that CSME governments can support renewable energy if they need or want to. CSME Government policies can include the following:

  1. exempt value of renewable equipment from CSME property tax valuations;
  2. provide income tax credits and deductions for the cost of purchasing and installing a renewable power source;
  3. permit accelerated depreciation of renewable energy equipment; or
  4. exempt such equipment from CSME regional sales taxes.
  5. protect and provide Transferable Credits for Emissions Reduction. Your CSME Prime Minister or President can direct the local and regional Energy sectors and relevant Energy Divisions to recommend reforms to ensure that CSME businesses and individuals that register reductions are not penalized under a future climate policy, and to give transferable credits to companies that can show real emissions reductions
  6. Your Prime Minister or President can establish a Cabinet-level Committee on Tax Credits for Climate Change Mitigation to oversee all requirements, laws, approved products etc.

In addition to providing tax savings, high-efficiency products will make it much easier for CSME homeowners to reduce energy consumption and lower their energy bills so that the long-term benefits are felt by all. To qualify for CSME tax credits, homeowners will definitely need to verify the efficiency and make of the equipment (whether or not it is from an approved energy-efficient manufacturer), the date when it was placed in service, amongst other fair requirements to be set by your CSME policy makers.

CARICOM Single Market Economy Facts

If you’re not sure what the CSME is about, apart from visiting the links on our blog, you can read this neat summary of the CSME and related subjects such as implementation and the Treaty of Chaguaramas at the CARICOM Secretariat FAQs page:

CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Qualtiy

FOR URGENT REVIEW by members of the CARICOM/CSME States and TTIA members.

TTIA members are asked to review the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality document. Download the document HERE

The TTIA hereby attaches herewith the project document for the new Caribbean Uniform Building Standards project forwarded by Tony Gibbs, Secretary General of the Council of Caribbean Engineering Associations.  Mr. Gibbs has seen the press release from the Caribbean Development Bank dated 13 October 2006 stating that funding has been granted to CROSQ to execute the project.  Eng. Carlyle Glean forwarded the attached document to Tony Gibbs and both discussed this matter earlier this year in Grenada.

Model Draft Professional Bill – revised Architecture Profession Act of Trinidad & Tobago

CARICOM has issued a new Draft Professionals Bill (Act), dated 2004 fashioned after the medical profession which is intended to be implemented across all Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME) member states.

The membership, with particular attention to the principals of firms, will be required to send their valuable input into the improvement of the document. This document represents the much needed breakthrough which the architects and other construction industry disciplines have sought to discuss and come to agreements in Parliament in order to urgently update the existing act.

Download the Draft Professional Bill HERE.

TTIA and Board of Architecture representatives met with CARICOM representatives last Thursday 10th May, 2007 at the Ministry of Trade and Industry to discuss the document in detail prior to issuing revisions to the CARICOM committee, in charge of drafting the new bill. The meeting was very intense and lasted over two hours..

It was agreed that the TTIA would send their comments in the form of the revised document with suggestions to the Board of Architecture for their review and agreement prior to submitting to the CARICOM representatives via the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

TTIA Attendees: Linda Louison & Christopher Bent (Legal Committee)

Board of Architecture of T&T Attendees: Mark Franco and Rudylynn De-Four Roberts.

The TTIA will be contacting principals for immediate feedback during the following week and would appreciate all other principals contribute by the end of the week.

Due to the urgency of the document, the TTIA Executive requests that this Draft Proposal be treated with the utmost urgency. The TTIA has promised a response by Tuesday 15th May, 2007; however, the President will be requesting an extension at least up to the 18th May, 2007.

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